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    2015 Hours

    Monday-Friday: 8am-8pm
    Saturday & Sunday: 7am-8pm

    Labor Day 9/7: 8am-8pm
    Monday: Closed
    Tuesday-Friday: 8am-8pm
    Saturday & Sunday: 8am-8pm
    Whoopie Pie Festival: Saturday, 5th
    Saturday & Sunday Labor Day Weekend: 7am-8pm

    Columbus Day 10/12: 8am-8pm
    Monday: Closed
    Tuesday-Friday: 8am-8pm
    Saturday & Sunday: 8am-8pm

    Monday: Closed
    Tuesday-Friday: 8am-8pm
    ($5 breakfast Tuesday 24th 7am-noon, closed rest of day)
    Saturday: 8am-8pm
    Sunday: 8am-3pm
    Closed Wednesday, 25th
    Thanksgiving Day: 8am-6pm

    Monday: Closed (Open 28th 8am-8pm)
    Tuesday-Friday: 8am-8pm
    Saturday: 8am-8pm
    Sunday: 8am-3pm
    Closed Christmas Eve & Christmas Day
    Open New Year’s Eve 12/31 8am-8pm

  • Recent Posts

Confetti Cake: August Whoopie Pie of the Month

It’s party time for you and your 10,000 friends! Okay, maybe not friends, but you’ll definitely want to invite your thousands of taste buds!

What are we celebrating?
August’s Whoopie Pie of the Month, Chocolate Confetti!

This delicious treat combines two bright confetti cakes with fresh whipped chocolate filling. The whole thing melts in your mouth and gets your taste buds popping.

Don’t wait to try this tasty treat. Order a dozen online or stop in to pick up the August Whoopie Pie of the Month today. Then, you’re ready to party!

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The Shops at Hershey Farm

Shopping in Lancaster County? We know there are a lot of options to choose from. However, we know that The Shops at Hershey Farm will soon become one of your top shopping destinations. Haven’t heard of us yet? Let us introduce ourselves.

In The Shops, browse through over 4,500 square feet of enjoyable shopping and find a wide assortment of items that are perfect for any occasion.

Interested in purchasing a trendy yet affordable outfit, scarf or jewelry? Start your search at The Boutiques.


Need an Amish postcard, hard candy or other Lancaster, Pa souvenir? Find the perfect item in our Country Store.

Want to send someone special a thoughtful card or need a book for light weekend reading? Browse our Inspirational section.

Looking for toys that will please kids of all ages? We know you won’t be able to resist visiting the Toy Zone and playing with the trains, stuffed animals, unique board games and more.
toys_vintagewebLove sports? Find your favorite team’s memorabilia in our Sports Zone.

Want plants, local seasonal produce and garden décor for your home? Explore our Outdoor Market.

And of course, a trip to Hershey Farm isn’t complete until you visit the Kitchen section for the latest gadgets.

And we don’t think we have to remind you about the Bakery. There you will find tasty breads, pies, whoopie pies, and seasonal treats baked fresh daily in our on-site Bakery!

Now that you know us a little better, come on in! Our friendly staff is here to offer product recommendations and assist you in finding exactly what you need. Plus, you can shop online.

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Kid-Friendly Hershey Farm

What are your kids most excited about when they visit Lancaster, PA? Maybe they can’t wait for the rides and water play at Dutch Wonderland. Or they might be eager to ride an authentic Amish buggy, visit the Strasburg Railroad or watch a Sight and Sound show.

Lancaster is definitely a kid-friendly destination and Hershey Farm is no exception.
We welcome kids of all ages. Bring your children to our 23-acres and let them romp for the afternoon in our two play areas. Or they can burn off steam before bed on the walking, running and biking trail.


Don’t forget the petting zoo and the playful goats, too.


And when they’re ready to relax, we welcome you and your kids to hang out by the fishing pond or in the kiddie pool.

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Celebrate Summer With S’more Whoopie Pies

Close your eyes for a minute. Now imagine:

You’re sitting around an open campfire listening to the crackling embers and smelling the woodsy scent. Nearby, your family and friends laugh and chat. In your hands, you’re holding crunchy, sweet graham crackers that sandwich a melted chocolate bar and gooey marshmallows.

Don’t you wish you could jump into that scene right now?

We do, too, because there’s no better way to celebrate summer than with a delicious, sweet and flavorful s’more. That’s why we’ve created a twist on your favorite summer treat. The s’more whoopie pie features graham cracker cakes around marshmallow whipped topping, and melted chocolate cascades the entire tasty treat. This special Lancaster, PA dessert lets us indulge in the flavorful s’mores we all love.

So, whether you stop in to try a single s’more whoopie pie or place an order for a dozen s’mores whoopie pies that we ship directly to your home or office, we know you’re going to love the Hershey Farm Whoopie Pie of the Month as much as we do.


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Almost a mile.

Nestled on over 23 acres of scenic Lancaster County land, the walking trails at Hershey Farm are some of the most beautiful paths to walk or run.

Stretching almost a full mile around the property the walking trails are well maintained and free from debris, offer scenic views of neighboring farms, calming greenery, blooming flowers and plenty of opportunities to visit the friendly farm animals you’ll pass along the way.

Adventurous guests never regret the stroll to Sight & Sound or a full exploration of the trails.

We welcome you to do the same!
A note to make that post walk smile even wider- walking is widely recommended for its health benefits! Feel free to pat yourself on the back.

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Amos the Amishman

Wilkum! My name is Amos. But most people call me Amos the Amishman. I live at Hershey Farm and I have the best job in the world. What is it, you ask? I get to welcome visitors from across the globe to Lancaster County, Pa.

Since I moving here in 2003 from Zinn’s Diner in Adamstown, I’ve watched visitors enjoy home-cooked meals, shop at the boutique, and stroll (or run) around the property on the walking trails.

Besides welcoming visitors, my absolute favorite thing is having my picture taken. All 15 feet of me, from my bare feet to my pre-industrial rake, are very photogenic.

The next time you’re in the area, please stop by and say hello. I’m looking forward to it!

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June 2014: Whoopie Pie of the Month- Strawberry

At Hershey Farm, we kind of have a reputation for making delicious whoopie pies, after all, we ARE the official Bakery of the Whoopie Pie Festival. We love to offer the classics like homemade chocolate, red velvet, and pumpkin year round but we REALLY love the fun feature flavors we offer each month.

June’s whoopie pie of the month is a flavor close to our hearts, strawberry!
Jane, a Hershey Farm Bakery says, “I grew up picking fresh strawberries in Lancaster County every summer. There is nothing like them.”

At Hershey Farm we make our whoopie pies in small batches using the best ingredients. The result? Delicious strawberry whoopie pies that melt in your mouth and give you a taste of Lancaster County goodness.

We think you’ll love our delicious strawberry whoopie pies. This flavor is only be available in June, so come on by or shop online today!


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The Breakfast Smorgasbord

Fuels Your Day in Lancaster, PA


Our guests appreciate the full breakfast smorgasbord that is included with their reservation. Who wouldn’t appreciate waking up to dozens of delicious food options, including a waffle station, omelet bar, homemade whoopie pies and much more?

While we welcome you to book an overnight stay today so that you can enjoy a hot and delicious breakfast, feel free to stop in and indulge even if you’re just visiting Lancaster for the day. We prepare and serve breakfast every day of the week, and we love when our neighbors visit. Like you, they want to start the day with friends and full bellies. In addition to enjoying the delicious food and fun fellowship, though, they know an insider’s tip. The smorgasbord fuels you for a full day of sightseeing and other Lancaster County activities.

What can you enjoy doing close to Hershey Farm?

Don’t those activities sound like fun? We think so. That’s why we invite you to stop in today for the homemade, hot and delicious breakfast smorgasbord that fuels your day in Lancaster, PA.


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Hot Pretzel Sticks Combinations

Make Your Mouth Water…

We love talking to our customers and hearing their stories. Many of them, especially the locals, become friends, and one of our regulars, Sarah, recently shared how much she loves our freshly baked, hand rolled soft pretzels.

“I often bring family members and friends to Hershey Farm. I know we’ll have great service and really good food. Of the many options, my favorite food is a Pennsylvania Dutch specialty: handmade soft pretzel sticks. The chefs work the dough, roll the pretzels and bake them in an oven behind the food line. These hot, fresh and delicious soft pretzels are so good that I combine them with many of the smorgasbord selections. Here are a few of my favorite combos.

Pretzels1. Dipped in Sauces

Although I appreciate eating plain, hot pretzel sticks right from the oven, I also enjoy dipping them in many of the smorgasbord sauces like:
• Melted cheese
Garlic, cinnamon or apple butter
Sweet bread icing
Chicken gravy
The sauce of any dish on the smorgasbord
(I’m looking at you, lasagna, Chicken Pot Pie & Chicken Monterey!)

2. Crouton and Breadstick Substitutes

Every salad needs a few tasty croutons on top or a breadstick on the side, and macaroni and cheese tastes better dished out with a side of freshly baked, hand rolled dough. I can think of no better solution than a pretzel stick. It’s hot, buttery and salty enough to complement every chef, Caesar or garden salad combination I put on my plate, too. Try one with any item (dessert too!) on the smorgasbord. You won’t regret it.

3. Soup Toppings

Hershey Farm prepares homemade soups from scratch every day. I anticipate guessing which flavors I’ll get to enjoy when I arrive for lunch or dinner, and I always taste at least one bowl. I also look forward to pulling the pretzel sticks (or cutting them, for those more civilized than I) into small pieces and tossing them on top of every bowl of soup I enjoy. I can say from experience that pretzel sticks make the perfect topping for vegetable soup, chili, corn chowder and noodle soup.

4. Smothered in Dessert

When I’m at Hershey Farm, I always leave room for whoopie pies and other scrumptious desserts. Hello, they’re baked in-house! Each tastes great on its own, but (if you haven’t noticed a theme here, I don’t know what to say) I love a hot pretzel stick smothered with pudding, jello and ice cream. I also dip pretzels in chocolate cake, apple crisp and cheesecake. What a delicious way to end a meal!”

Craving a soft pretzel? So are we! Don’t forget to look for Sarah around the hot pretzel sticks section of our smorgasbord!


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