Celebrate Fall With October’s Whoopie Pie of the Month

Orange leaves, orange pumpkins and orange sunsets. Are you seeing a pattern here? With the arrival of fall, there’s no shortage of this vibrant color here in Lancaster, PA. It only makes sense that orange is the inspiration for our October Whoopie Pie of the Month.
Our orange whoopie pie with chocolate filling starts with flavorful yellow cake, then, our innovative bakers add eggs and orange juice to the batter. The result? Beautiful orange cakes that are reminiscent of fall.
We’re not done yet, though. Next, the bakery prepares rich chocolate whipped filling and layers it between two cakes. Rich chocolate paired with orange cake makes a dessert exploding with color and flavor.

We invite you to stop by and pick up October’s Orange Chocolate Whoopie Pie.
Or order online and have your very own dozen delivered to your door.

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