Here at Hershey Farm, we have a variety of animals that you can visit and learn about.

Pygmy Goats
• Pygmy goats eat grain, hay, and some foliage
• The pygmy goat originated in Africa and was imported to the United States in the 1959
• Pygmy goats are believed to be some of the earliest domesticated animals
• Female pygmy goats are called “does,” and males are called “bucks.” Young pygmy goats are “kids”

• A rooster is a male chicken (the female chicken is called a hen)
• The term comes from how he “roosts” over his eggs to guard them
• During the day, roosters often sit on a high perch to serve as a lookout for his flock
• He will sound his distinctive alarm call if predators are nearby!
• The sound made by the rooster is typically spelled “Cock-a-doodle-doo” in English

Here’s how it’s done in other languages:
Arabic – KooKooKoo-koo
Bulgarian – kukurigu
Chinese – goh-geh-goh-goh
Dutch – kukeleku
French – cocorico
German – kikeriki
Italian – chicchirichi`
Japanese – ko-ke kokkoh



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