Gobble, gobble! It’s starting to sound like Thanksgiving at Hershey Farm.

The gobble you hear around Hershey Farm comes from our three resident turkeys. These three are neat additions to the farm animals found at Hershey Farm and we’ve gotten quite a few questions about them. Here, we take a moment to answer the most common questions we hear about our new residents.

Where did the turkeys come from?
As a species, turkeys originated in the Americas and Mexico. While they can fly up to 45 mph and run up to 25 mph, our turkeys didn’t walk or fly from Mexico. We purchased them from a local farm.

How old are they?
As of today, our newest residents are about six months old.

How can you tell the males and females apart?
Look at an adult turkey, and you can easily tell the males and females apart: the males are larger and more colorful than the females, and they have a distinctive wattle, a red piece of flesh that hangs from the top of their beak.
Since our turkeys are about six months old, you can’t yet tell them apart by looking at them. However, our experienced animal handlers share that we have both male and female turkeys here at Hershey Farm.

What do turkeys eat?
Our turkeys are fed specially-formulated turkey food. And since turkeys like to eat insects, you’ll find them foraging their enclosure for bugs and other treats.

How big will they grow?
Once our turkeys are full-grown, they can stand as tall as 3.5 feet and might weigh as much as 20 pounds. They’ll also have a wing span of 4 to 5 feet.

Where can we find them?
Visit Hersey Farm, and you’ll find the turkeys in a specially-built enclosure at the back red barn by the pond.

We welcome you to stop in any time and see our newest additions.

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