Hot Pretzel Sticks Combinations

Make Your Mouth Water…

We love talking to our customers and hearing their stories. Many of them, especially the locals, become friends, and one of our regulars, Sarah, recently shared how much she loves our freshly baked, hand rolled soft pretzels.

“I often bring family members and friends to Hershey Farm. I know we’ll have great service and really good food. Of the many options, my favorite food is a Pennsylvania Dutch specialty: handmade soft pretzel sticks. The chefs work the dough, roll the pretzels and bake them in an oven behind the food line. These hot, fresh and delicious soft pretzels are so good that I combine them with many of the smorgasbord selections. Here are a few of my favorite combos.

Pretzels1. Dipped in Sauces

Although I appreciate eating plain, hot pretzel sticks right from the oven, I also enjoy dipping them in many of the smorgasbord sauces like:
• Melted cheese
Garlic, cinnamon or apple butter
Sweet bread icing
Chicken gravy
The sauce of any dish on the smorgasbord
(I’m looking at you, lasagna, Chicken Pot Pie & Chicken Monterey!)

2. Crouton and Breadstick Substitutes

Every salad needs a few tasty croutons on top or a breadstick on the side, and macaroni and cheese tastes better dished out with a side of freshly baked, hand rolled dough. I can think of no better solution than a pretzel stick. It’s hot, buttery and salty enough to complement every chef, Caesar or garden salad combination I put on my plate, too. Try one with any item (dessert too!) on the smorgasbord. You won’t regret it.

3. Soup Toppings

Hershey Farm prepares homemade soups from scratch every day. I anticipate guessing which flavors I’ll get to enjoy when I arrive for lunch or dinner, and I always taste at least one bowl. I also look forward to pulling the pretzel sticks (or cutting them, for those more civilized than I) into small pieces and tossing them on top of every bowl of soup I enjoy. I can say from experience that pretzel sticks make the perfect topping for vegetable soup, chili, corn chowder and noodle soup.

4. Smothered in Dessert

When I’m at Hershey Farm, I always leave room for whoopie pies and other scrumptious desserts. Hello, they’re baked in-house! Each tastes great on its own, but (if you haven’t noticed a theme here, I don’t know what to say) I love a hot pretzel stick smothered with pudding, jello and ice cream. I also dip pretzels in chocolate cake, apple crisp and cheesecake. What a delicious way to end a meal!”

Craving a soft pretzel? So are we! Don’t forget to look for Sarah around the hot pretzel sticks section of our smorgasbord!

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