Interactive Culinary Experiental Packages

Culinary experience packages are a form of experiential tours that the Lancaster County Visitors Bureau defines as, “…Tours [that] immerse visitors in different ways and at different levels of adventure, so they can experience the essence of life in Pennsylvania Dutch Country.”

For its culinary experience packages, Hershey Farm combines Lancaster County traditional fare and unique activities for a thoroughly delightful experience. All culinary experience packages are booked in addition to a delicious PA Dutch all you can eat family style meal at Hershey Farm Restaurant and as part of each package every group member receives a fresh bakery item to take home. Culinary experience packages available include:

Signature Baked Goods Demonstration
Let one of Hershey Farm’s trained cooks guide your group step by step to create two of Hershey Farm’s signature bakery items, Shoofly pie and whoopie pies. 2 volunteers will receive hands-on experience and a deluxe thank you gift for their bravery. Each group member will receive complimentary whoopie pies to cap off the demonstration.

Make Your Own Shoofly Pie
Start with a 9” pie shell, fill it with the ingredients to make Hershey Farm’s delicious shoofly pie, and then give the pie to our bakery staff.  While you enjoy shopping in our large gift shop and have a delicious PA Dutch lunch or dinner, our bakery staff will bake, cool and package the pies.  When finished with shopping and dining, everyone will receive their pies-ready to take home and be enjoyed or to use for bragging rights.  Look what I made!!!

Whoopie Pie Checkers
Why not try a new twist on an old game?  Your group may play checkers Lancaster County style.  To make it a little more interesting, the checkers for this game will not be made of plastic or wood.  The checkers will be our very own mini chocolate and mini red velvet whoopie pies.  The game of checkers will be played just like a normal game with two exceptions.  When a checker is jumped, you may eat the jumped checker if you like.  Also, to king a checker, another whoopie pie shell will be added to the checker.  At the end of the game, everyone in your group will receive a medium chocolate or red velvet whoopie pie to take home.  Start practicing your game and come enjoy checkers Lancaster County style!

Gingerbread Decorating Contest
You have our permission to act like a kid again.  We’re giving everyone in your group a gingerbread man, unlimited icing, and items you may have never thought could be used for decorations.  Decorate like you were 10 years old, but remember every gingerbread man will be judged by the head chef at Hershey Farm Restaurant.  The most creatively decorated man will receive a special prize to take home and everyone gets to take home the gingerbread man that they made.


(Please allow 30-45 minutes for any of the activities listed below)

For reservations please email or call 800-822-7866.

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    Reservations are required for large groups, and accepted for all parties.
    Family style dining is available for groups over 15.

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