If you have ever wanted to bring a group to Lancaster County and were unsure of how to put the tour together, let Hershey Farm help! As a complimentary service, our reservation staff will help you customize your itinerary and even make all the reservations. Just make one phone call to set up your entire visit to Lancaster County.

Hershey Farm can book tickets and reservations for live theater productions, local attractions and hands-on activities, such as:

Sight & Sound
American Music Theater
Amish Village
Herrs Snack Factory
Kitchen Kettle Village
Kreider’s Farms
Landis Valley Museum
Strasburg Rail Road
Making your own shoofly pie
Whoopie Pie Checkers & More!

Just make one call to Hershey Farm and let us help you set up your social, school, or organization’s visit to Lancaster County, PA. Call (800) 822-7866 today and we’ll help you customize your itinerary, plan your days and make all the reservations for you.

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