What are the sanitizing measures you’re taking?

Gift Shop/Bakery: The gift shop fitting room will be closed until further notice.  All unwanted or returned gift shop merchandise must be placed in bins for 48 hours or properly sanitized before restocked.  All food items are non-returnable at this time due to CDC recommendations.  All touch point areas will be sanitized on a regular basis.

Inn: We have a designated Sanitizing Specialist that will ensure all rooms and public areas prior to our guests’ arrival will be fully sanitized.  All of the Inn employees have been trained to follow the most recent CDC cleaning guidelines.  All pool furniture will be cleaned after being used, and will be sanitized prior to the next guest using the furniture. The pool will be open at 50% capacity and clean pool towels will be available at the front desk upon request.

Restaurant: We will be serving our guests the full options from our smorgasbord. It’s All You Can Eat…Served to You! In order to abide by the CDC recommendations, our servers will take your food requests and bring them to your table. Throw away menus will be available for guests.


What protocols will our employees have to follow?

All employees will undergo temperature checks prior to their shift. If an employee feels symptomatic or temperature is above 100 degrees; they will be required to go home and be tested for COVID-19.  They will not be allowed to return to work until all CDC recommended guidelines are met.

If an employee has been exposed to someone that has tested positive for COVID-19, they will contact their manager immediately so that Hershey Farm can properly assess the situation.

All employees are required to wear approved face masks while working and approved gloves when handling payment transactions and interacting with guests. They will also wash their hands thoroughly every half hour.


Requirements of Face Coverings?

All employees are required to wear approved face coverings while working.

Guests are required to wear face coverings while inside public spaces.


Is the Restaurant open?

Yes, the Restaurant is open.


Is breakfast available for Inn guests?

Yes, breakfast will be served at the restaurant for Inn guests.


Is there stayover service when staying at the Inn multiple nights?

For guests staying multiple nights, we currently have a no-room-access housekeeping policy—our team members will not enter a guest’s room to clean it.  Instead, if a guest requests, our team will deliver new bed linens, towels, and any other needed amenities in a bag that is left outside the guest’s room door.  The guest can then put any dirty linens and towels in the bag and leave it and any trash bag outside the door for our team to collect.